About Us

About Nichigaku Co.,Ltd.

Who we are

For over 60 years, Nichigaku has helped Face to face communication of schools and offices.In particular, enamel dry eraseboard that Nichigaku first developed and commercialized in Japan.

We are No. 2 in the blackboard whiteboard market in Japan. However, most of the products are supplied by OEM, and we are hidden famous brands. In China, Nichigaku is known as No. 1 brand in the blackboard and whiteboard market.

Our Value

Nichigaku is always thinking "for the customer" first. We are also proposing products and services that satisfy our customers.We are constantly researching and developing "the forefront" on blackboards and whiteboards.

We sponsor a chalk art competition for high school students "KOKUBAN Art Koshien" every year.

2015 Outstanding performance award / Mito Sakuranomaki high school